STEP CPD Learning Courses

STEP CPD Learning is a range of on-demand, online learning tools that provide essential CPD. All courses are delivered online.

What is STEP CPD Learning?

The courses are developed on-demand to cover both technical and non-technical subjects. Enrolment is on a rolling basis so you can access and study the materials without waiting for set course dates.

The courses are suitable for:

  • professionals working in the international trusts industry
  • those working in the private banking and wealth management industry, including financial advisors, accountants, senior executives, compliance professionals and operational staff working in financial services firms
  • individuals working in an international commercial business or organisation
  • lawyers/legal professionals
  • trustees 
An Introduction to GDPR

This online course provides the practitioners with an overview of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and its legal implications.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 2018) introduced significant change in the way that organisations and individuals comply with data protection. Many organisations are continuously developing their data compliance processes and educating employees to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities. This one-hour pre-recorded webinar (delivered by expert Tracey Calvert) will help you to raise awareness of data protection within your organisation to:

  • understand the legal position;
  • understand the firm’s internal controls and processes;
  • play your part in keeping data safe;
  • know how to deal with data subjects;
  • know the procedure for dealing with a data breach.

This training will be of interest to all private client professionals, including lawyers/legal professionals, STEP members/TEPs, professionals working in the international trusts industry, those working in the private banking and wealth management industry, financial advisors, accountants, senior executives, compliance professionals and operational staff working in financial services firms.


  • STEP Members - GBP 65.00
  • Non STEP Member - GBP130.00

The course is available for in-house adoption. If you are an employer or STEP Employer Partner looking to purchase multiple licenses for your employees’ learning and development please contact CLTI for details of pricing.

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Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)

This innovative and engaging CPD Learning course has been designed to provide the busy practitioner with a comprehensive commentary on FATCA, CRS and other earlier and proposed AEOI initiatives.

The ‘Automatic Exchange of Information’ (‘AEOI’) is the term used to describe the exchange of financial information between countries without either party having to request it. The information, which is required for tax purposes to help combat tax evasion, is exchanged automatically and covers individuals, trusts, companies and other entities.

This CPD Learning course provides a detailed review of the current reporting requirements as well as comprehensive summary on previous initiatives. As more jurisdictions are participating in the automatic exchange of information it is important for practitioners in the field to ensure they have the up-to-date technical knowledge and tools for effective implementation and compliance. You will learn how to:

  • Appreciate the need for ‘Automatic Exchange of Information’
  • Understand the key principles and purpose behind FATCA and CRS
  • Know the information required to be reported under FATCA and CRS and timetables for reporting
  • Explain the impact of FATCA and CRS on trusts
  • Reflect on the positive and negatives of FATCA and CRS
  • Consider the possible future direction of AEOI
  • Discuss other international AEOI initiatives

This course is delivered through an online learning platform, providing you with twelve months’ access to bespoke, interactive course material written by an industry expert. The course is non-assessed and non-certificated, providing an opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills at your convenience.


  • GBP 449 + UK VAT, if applicable

Large or small groups of employees can undertake this course concurrently, with employers being able to purchase the programme as part of an in-house package.

The fees for employer/group purchases are detailed below (with a further discount for STEP Employer Partners):

  • Multi-Licence 2-10: £849 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • Multi-Licence 10-49: £949 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • Multi-Licence 49+: £1,049 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • EPP Partner 2-10: £699 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • EPP Partner 10-49: £799 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • EPP Partner 49+: £899 + UK VAT, if applicable

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The Informed Trustee

The Informed Trustee equips trustees with the knowledge needed to be successful charity board members. Providing full coverage of the legal, regulatory and financial requirements on charities across the UK, this innovative e-learning course will prepare you to make a powerful contribution at the board table.

The course syllabus is designed to encourage a new generation to charity trusteeship and refresh the skills of existing trustees. The learning content has been written by a team of experts from leading UK law and accounting firms, providing relevant content to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This course will provide you with the foundation knowledge to empower you to make a real difference as a charity trustee.

The course comprises the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • Legal form of charity
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Membership matters
  • Communications and data
  • Operations
  • Fundraising
  • Accounts
  • Financial management and tax
  • Risk management and sustainability
  • Personal development pathway for charity trustees


GBP215 (inc VAT) for a 12-month licence to access the online material and the assessment.
GBP149.00 (inc VAT) for group bookings of 3-10 people
If you have more than 10 candidates please contact [email protected]

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