The Qualifications and Membership Framework (QMF) is STEP’s system for assigning credit values to qualifications.

Gaining credits from STEP qualifications, prior qualifications and industry experience enables you to progress through the membership categories from Affiliate, Associate to TEP, Full Membership of STEP.

Entry Level Credits

These credits can be achieved through a combination of STEP Certificates or Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL). APL credits can be achieved from a non-STEP qualification. To discuss applying for APL credits contact

Candidates need 60 credits to become an Affiliate Member before proceeding to the Diploma Level.

Diploma Level Credits

These are achieved through the completion of STEP Advanced Certificates, either as standalone courses or that are part of a Diploma Level programme. STEP Diploma programmes focus on different specialisms e.g. domestic, international, estate planning

Typically a STEP Advanced Certificate will provide you with 30 credits and a Diploma, 120 credits.

Practice Level Credits

Practice Level credits are related to your industry experience. To upgrade to TEP, Full membership, members need a minimum of two years of experience, in a mid-level or senior position. This equates to 60 Practice Level credits.

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