Digital assets: Explained

We have produced a series of short video clips that explain some of the key terminology relating to digital assets. We produced these clips in response to the findings of STEP’s digital assets research report – Digital assets: A call to action.

With digital assets having become a common part of modern estate planning and estate administration, demand for advice is expected to increase significantly. Our research with estate practitioners found that they would benefit from information, education and training to better assist clients with digital assets. Many practitioners themselves had identified this need.

These short clips serve to help both practitioners and clients understand some of the key terminology for estate planning and estate administration of digital assets.

What is a digital asset?

What are cryptoassets?

What is blockchain?

What is a digital wallet?

What is a seed phrase?

What are non-fungible tokens?

What are smart contracts?

What is a consensus protocol?

What is proof of work?

What is proof of stake?

Digital assets: explained

View the ten key concepts as a set:

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