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Forward features and deadlines for 2020

Forward features and deadlines for 2020

Volume 28 – Issue 1
Editorial deadline: 4 December 2019
Regional focus: Crown Dependencies
Special feature: Philanthropy and Charity

Volume 28 – Issue 2
Editorial deadline: 6 February 2020
Regional focus: Caribbean and Latin America
Special report: Africa, UAE and Israel
Special feature: Complex Families and Vulnerable Clients

Volume 28 – Issue 3
Editorial deadline: 20 April 2020
Regional focus: UK and Ireland
Special report: Crown Dependencies
Special feature: Alternative investments (inc. art and property)

Volume 28 – Issue 4
Editorial deadline: 22 June 2020
Regional focus: US and Canada
Special feature: Family Business

Volume 28 – Issue 5
Editorial deadline: 14 August 2020
Regional focus: Asia Pacific
Special feature: Investment and Insurance
Review: STEP PCAs

Volume 28 – Issue 6
Editorial deadline: 9 October 2020
Regional focus: Europe (inc. Switzerland and Liechtenstein)
Special report: Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta
Special feature: Compliance and Careers


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