AI and the knowledge worker. 25 October 2023

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The release of AI-powered products like ChatGPT and Midjourney have captured the public imagination, but how much is hype, and how much is reality? I'll give a crash course on how current AI systems work, what they're capable of, their pitfalls, and how they might be useful to the average attorney, writer or accountant. Exactly how useful they will become is an open question in this rapidly evolving field, but I'll present some use cases and attempt to give my predictions for the coming years. Will it really replace your job? (And what's this I hear about it taking over the world?!)

Mark Matthews, Software Engineer and AI Researcher

Mark is a senior software engineer and AI researcher in the field of computer vision and generative media at a technology company. He has authored multiple papers in the field and is the inventor of several patents. He is a visual FX expert, having worked for ten years in research and development at DreamWorks Animation. He received two DreamWorks Technical Achievement Awards for his volume rendering and hair modeling systems and holds 22 feature film credits, including "Kung Fu Panda," "Shrek Forever After" and "Madagascar 2". He has spoken in multiple countries about creative technologies, including Canada and Saudi Arabia. He holds an M.Sc. from the University of Calgary and a B.Sc. and B.Eng. from the University of Saskatchewan.

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1.3 hours of continuing education for attorneys and accountants
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