AI won’t replace you, humans using AI will replace you. 13 October 2023

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George Town Yacht Club (upstairs)
612B North Sound Road
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands

A recent large-scale study by Boston Consulting Group in collaboration with Harvard, MIT Sloan, and Wharton business schools concluded:
“…for 18 different tasks selected to be realistic samples of the kinds of work done at an elite consulting company, consultants using ChatGPT-4 outperformed those who did not, by a lot. On every dimension. Every way we measured performance.” - Source
In this session Adam Butler, CIO of quant hedge fund firm ReSolve Asset Management, will reveal the shocking capabilities of foundational AI models like GPT-4 and Claude 2; how advisors who leverage AI capabilities will leap-frog – and eventually overwhelm - those who cling to traditional methods; and the key techniques and methods to get the most out of these revolutionary tools for international planning.
As a bonus, attendees will receive an exclusive whitepaper and access to a template chat session to jump-start their productivity with GPT-4.
Don’t miss this critically timely session.


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Naro Zimmerman
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