Back to basics with an international element. 15 September 2022

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STEP Central Southern
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Trethowans Solicitors
Botleigh Grange Business Park
Pavilion Rd
SO30 2AF
United Kingdom


  • Gemma Hedges, HWB Accountants
  • Mihiri Gajraj, Trethowans Solicitors

An informal roundtable discussion, targeted at students. Participants are encouraged to speak up, put their views forward and ask questions.

A session run by Gemma Hedges and Mihiri Gajraj, demonstrating how legal and accountancy professionals can approach exactly the same client question in very different ways. The professionals will discuss a case study and reach a well-rounded conclusion which covers technical content, but also client care, risk and money laundering considerations.

The case study will focus on the following:

  • considerations when deceased held assets abroad, emphasis on Switzerland; 
  • what to consider when working out a deceased’s domicile;
  • what about the deceased and spouse having different domiciles?

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17:30 - 19:30
Gemma Hedges
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