Connecting NGOs with volunteers and donors. 9 December 2021

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The Talk:

Due to COVID-19, 90 per cent of NGOs have experienced loss of funding. Having to do more with less, the NGOs critically and urgently need skilled volunteers' support. Yet, 83 per cent of NGOs could not recruit them as most rely on their own circle of contacts to find pro bono support.

Time Auction is a charity that encourages volunteering with inspiring experiences, while connecting skilled-volunteers with NGOs. It operates an innovative scheme to reward the volunteers. Join this Zoom session to hear from Fion Leung, Co-Founder and CEO of Time Auction about its platform to match professionals with NGOs, and how the newly launched Donorpedia, Hong Kong's first donor directory created by volunteers, can help NGOs with fundraising.

The Speaker:

Fion Leung, Co-Founder and CEO of Time Auction / Donorpedia.

Time Auction, a tech-enabled charity that advocates volunteering. (

Started as a side project in 2014, Time Auction quickly gained traction among generous donors and young adults. It became a registered charity in Hong Kong in early 2017 with Fion dedicating herself full-time to the charity and is now leading the international expansion, operations, and continuing the mission to make volunteering a fulfilling and vital part of people’s lives.

Over 115,000 volunteer hours have been raised in seven cities to date.

Prior to Time Auction, Fion was Product Evangelist at a media startup, Notey, and Analyst at Barclays after graduating from HKUST with a degree in Business Administration.

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