The connection between wealth and wellness. 14 September 2022

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STEP NSW Branch invites you to a seminar with Elizabeth Hart ACIB, TEP, MSID, CEO and Founder of Legacy Wealth Advisors.

The last two years have been very challenging for everyone. The global pandemic has been a stark reminder of what is important in our lives.

We will consider the connection between two traditionally different areas of wealth and wellness. We take the opportunity to consider if wealth is about more than money. There are many examples of families who have plenty of money but they are not necessarily wealthy in all aspects of their lives.

How can we redefine our perspective of wealth preservation? As advisors, how can we help wealthy families to preserve and prosper to ensure harmony through generations? How can we support families to ensure a smooth transition of wealth to a prepared next generation?

During this session, our speaker will share how Legacy Wealth Advisors turned the adversity of COVID-19 into an opportunity to innovate and create a new business model for our industry.

We will review some case studies on how taking a holistic approach to wealth preservation, succession planning and family wellness is having a significant impact on clients’ lives.

Please join us for this thought-provoking session on the connection between wealth and wellness.

This is an online only event.

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