COVID-19, Brexit, unemployment and higher taxes - is this the end for London property prices? 19 October 2021

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The Talk

There are various reasons why London property prices should fall:

  • Significant global and UK employment and industry disruption caused by the pandemic;
  • Failure of the UK and EU to agree a trade deal related to services provided by the City;
  • Disconnect between London wages and property prices;
  • Significant numbers of new build properties along the Thames and in secondary locations;
  • Already high transaction taxes and indications in the last budget that they will rise further.

However, the crash in prime London property has not materialised. Why is it that the above indicators have not led to a downturn in the market or are we about to see one as many commentators suggest?

In this talk, Jeremy will reveal the four biggest influences on prime London property prices that mainstream economists and commentators inexplicably ignore and what over 300 years of London property shows what will happen next.

The Speaker

  • Jeremy McGivern – Founder of Mercury Homesearch



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18:00-19:00 HKT
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