Cross-border succession in Hong Kong and Mainland China. 18 August 2021

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STEP Hong Kong
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  • Jane Ren – Partner, Fangda Partners
  • Silvia On – Partner, Charles Russell Speechly

The Talk: 

Cross-border succession issues have become prevalent in recent years. In particular, due to the increasing number of people with close ties to both jurisdictions, it is common for Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese residents to own assets and have family ties in both places.

How should an individual deal with his/her estate in Hong Kong and the Mainland China? Should an individual prepare one or more than one will?

In this webinar, the speakers will explain the succession and probate laws that apply to Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese residents who have assets and family ties in both jurisdictions and discuss the importance of establishing the right will(s) for proper estate and succession planning.

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