England and Wales estates with Spanish assets: What you need to know both before and after death. 23 February 2023

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On Thursday, 23 February, STEP Manchester is delighted to welcome Alvaro Aznar Azcarate, Head of International at Buckles Solicitors to open the 2023 season of Briefings. The session will be held via Zoom, details of which will be provided to those registering for the event.

England and Wales estates with Spanish Assets: What you need to know both before and after death.

Alvaro will discuss the implications for those dealing with the estates of people in England and Wales which include Spanish assets, whether personal or real property. This will include pre-death – should any particular arrangements be considered, such as a separate Spanish will (and what are the requirements) – as well as post-death. He will consider not only if the executor under an E&W will can administer the Spanish assets, but also whether the executor should, identifying the various aspects that need to be considered. If the E&W executor does not administer the Spanish assets, how is the UK inheritance tax position managed?

Alvaro is the Head of International at Buckles Solicitors in London. He has worked in a number of international law firms and is a dual qualified English solicitor and Spanish abogado. He is regularly involved in the planning and administration of complex, multi-jurisdictional estates.

He regularly has articles published in the STEP Journal and the journals of the Law Societies of various jurisdictions.

Alvaro was a founding member of STEP Spain and is Chairman of the British Spanish Law Association. In January he was elected Chairman of the STEP Cross Border estates SIG.

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