I’ve made a profit, am I taxable?. 24 May 2021

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About this Webinar

Singapore has a largely territorial tax system. With this system, how does one determine when and what is taxable in Singapore? In this session, the speaker will share with us the source and residence rules that govern the taxability of income in Singapore, the relevance of tax treaties in allocating taxing rights between source and residence states, and the types of tax exemption under Singapore law that may be applicable to the company. The speaker will also share a case study focusing on the tax treatment of a sample investment portfolio of a company.

Webinar Programme 

Webinar participants will be able to watch and listen to (via computer audio, recommended for security reasons, or telephone line) the video presentation and Q&A discussion on their screens, receive a PDF copy of the presentation slides, as well as participate in the Q&A discussion by sending in their questions to the moderator via text using the built-in Q&A function.

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12:00 - 13.20
STEP Singapore
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