Mental Health and the Financial Advice Relationship

Mental health has become a matter of increasing public concern worldwide. In Canada, by age 40, half of the population will have, or will have had, a mental illness. How do you, as an advisor, detect a crisis early on when managing your client relationships? Using insights gained from research, advisor interviews and mental health expertise, this presentation will give an overview of the current mental health landscape and its impact on investors, providing advisors with a suite of educational tools and real life scenarios that you can apply with your clients who may be experiencing mental health issues.

Part of the Thought Leadership Series of webinars which will provide virtual access to the most topical content from the STEP Global Congress 2020 programme.



  • Mark Dunkley TEP, Shakespeare Martineau LLP, UK


  • Carol Lynde, Bridgehouse Asset Managers, Canada
  • Adam Wiseman, Bridgehouse Asset Managers Advisory Panel, Canada