Over-rated: How surging interest rates and slow growth may radically change wealth transfer planning. 12 July 2023

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  • Thomas J. Pauloski, J.D. Senior National Director, Bernstein Private Wealth Management, Denver, CO

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For the past decade, historically low-interest rates—not valuation discounts or the huge gift and estate tax exclusion (currently $12.92 million)—have been the cornerstone of wealth transfer planning. But with surging interest rates and low growth expectations, that is likely to change. This presentation will explore why these seismic economic changes may profoundly affect how tax professionals advise wealthy families. The next generation of wealth transfer plans may look more like those created in the 1990s than like recent plans, which have been driven largely by near-zero capital costs.

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16:00 - 17:15 (U.S. Mountain Daylight Time)
Sarah Scofield
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