Reducing the stress and burden for your probate clients. 3 November 2021

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At an already challenging time, handling estate administration is an added burden for those that have lost a loved one, exacerbated even further by the fact that most know very little about the probate process before they start. The pressures for the bereaved can become all-consuming, and sadly for two in five people it causes mental health issues*. 39 per cent of law firms say that in at least half of bereavement cases their clients need emotional support from someone within the firm*.

This webinar will look at how practitioners can balance supporting their client and completing their work. Our panel will discuss the challenges and practical steps that can be taken to help clients and legal professionals’ mental health, as well as how to reduce the burden and reliance on clients. The role that technology plays in improving the industry and making it easier for all involved will also be addressed.  

Hear from the following speakers. 


  • Ian Bond TEP, Thursfields, UK


  • Nick Cousins, Exizent, UK
  • Jade Gani, Aston Bond Law Limited, UK
  • Jo Summers TEP, Jurit LLP, UK

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*Statistics provided by Exizent’s annual Bereavement Index Report (2021)

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