Running a family retreat using the STEP guide on family dialogues on the responsible stewardship of wealth. 17 June 2022

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The STEP Responsible Stewardship of Wealth Thought Leadership Stategy Group has prepared a Guide for Family Dialogues. In this session, two of the authors of the Guide, Philip Marcovici and Gina Pereira, will provide an overview of the Guide and, more importantly, outline how the Guide can be used in “family retreats”. Family retreats are a critical way for wealth and business owning families to address many of their asset protection and succession planning needs, and the topic of responsible stewardship is a topic at the forefront of current thinking.

  • Among the areas that will be covered:
  • What are family retreats, how can they be run and by whom?
  • What are the elements of Responsible Stewardship?
  • Reputation building and protection
  • Checks and balances in planning approaches
  • Equipping the next generation to succeed as effective stakeholders
  • Roles for all family members, including family elders: circular economy principles and the family
  • Purpose and meaning
  • The relationship between stewardship and philanthropy
  • The role of the state and other stakeholders – the need for effective dialogue
  • The role and responsibilities of trustees and advisors


  • Gina Pereira, Managing Director, Client & Fiduciary Stewardship, Meritus Trust
  • Philip Marcovici, Principal, The Offices of Philip Marcovici
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Laura Ruse
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