SPACs, NFTs and crypto, oh my! A mature practitioner’s guide to the future of finance. 28 April 2022

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Join our panel of expert speakers as they 'decrypt' several of the hottest topics in the financial sector - special purpose acquisition companies, commonly known as spacs, cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, etherum, usd coin, dogecoin, etc.) and non-fungible tokens (nfts).

In the first half of our session, we will explore spacs, including how spacs are commonly structured and de-spac processes. We’ll aim to help practitioners understand spacs when advising clients on succession planning structures in relation to their interests in such spacs or founders of target companies that are the subject of spac acquisitions.

In the second half of our session, our speakers will go through the basics of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and tokens, before discussing the potential opportunities, challenges and risks associated with these new asset classes.

We will then consider questions raised by the attendees.

Location: Zoom Webinar Platform

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