Strategies using split dollar funding techniques in estate planning. 12 October 2022

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STEP Colorado in Formation
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Web Event

STEP Colorado (CO) Formation will be hosting this event in a hybrid format, incorporating both virtual and in-person attendees. Due to venue capacity, there is limited space for in-person attendees.

Those who will attend virtually will be provided with joining instructions on the day of the event.

Those who will attend in-person will be provided with details on the venue and event.

via Webinar and In-Person


  • Larry Brody, Partner
  • Jay Cleary, President and CEO
  • Adam Clough, Director

Programme description:

Split Dollar Funding is a technique used for dealing with larger life insurance premiums in the high-net-worth marketplace. It is a specialty area with a meaningful degree of subtlety and complexity. Our presentation is designed to simplify the core concepts and help practitioners identify when a split dollar plan is appropriate, and when it is not. The speakers will cover various topics, including:

  • Review case studies where split dollar funding is appropriate
  • Evaluate the contrast of loan regime and economic benefit regime plans
  • Discuss approaches to resolve split dollar arrangements which have not been properly administered
  • Provide updates on recent tax court activity regarding split dollar plans

* This is not a solicitation from STEP USA or STEP Worldwide. If you have inquiries about STEP Colorado formation, please contact one of the hosts of this event.

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16:00 - 17:15 (U.S. Mountain Daylight Time)
Sarah Scofield
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