Testamentary capacity: the issues. 30 June 2021

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With very little guidance or industry training currently available on how to assess testamentary capacity, STEP invites you to this free one-hour session which will cover:

  • Capacity – and the issues that affect it.
  • Law – the legal tests of testamentary capacity (for example considering the Banks v Goodfellow test in contrast to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 – and how these tests are treated by courts).
  • Practice – dealing with medics, matters to include in file notes, the importance of family trees and assessing clients.

Why attend?

The international panel of experts will discuss some of the key issues when undertaking a capacity assessment and how best to address them.

During the event, there will be interactive discussion where STEP is keen to hear members’ appetite and enthusiasm for the development and implementation of an online testamentary capacity assessment course which would include a standardised questionnaire. This online course would be a valuable educational tool for anyone required to interact with capacity assessments and is proposed to comprise a series of interlinked sessions provided by relevant experts including solicitors, counsel and medics providing detail on the capacity issues, the law and practice in a modular format. The course may be adapted for implementation across the common-law jurisdictions, and completion may provide CPD/accreditation.

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  • Claire van Overdijk TEP, Chair, STEP Mental Capacity Special Interest Group


  • Robin Jacoby, Oxford University
  • Stephen Lawson TEP, FDR Law
  • Alexander Learmonth QC TEP, New Square Chambers
  • Dr Jane Lonie, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

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