Thought Leadership Series

The Thought Leadership Series of webinars, running from September 2020 through to March 2021, will bring you virtual access to the most topical content from the STEP Global Congress programme, which we were unable to hold in 2020 due to COVID-19.

The series offers an exciting programme of six live webinars covering a number of topics, with Q&A opportunities with our expert speakers. You can book to attend each individual webinar or confirm your place for the whole series, for which you will receive a 15% discount on the booking fee.

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Webinar 1: Remote Witnessing: Will it Persist Once We No Longer Have to Socially Distance?

10 September 2020

This webinar has now taken place, however you can still register online to receive a copy of the webinar recording.

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Webinar 2: Wealth Taxes – The Future of Taxation in a Post-COVID World

23 October 2020

Wealth taxes, while not a new idea, are gaining popularity as a solution to the debts that governments have taken on as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Expert speakers will examine the implications of introducing wealth taxes, with reflections from a jurisdiction that already has such a tax, as well as discuss potential alternative solutions to addressing the growing fiscal challenges.

Moderator: Tony Pitcher TEP, LGL Group, Jersey

Emma Chamberlain OBE TEP, Barrister Pump Court Tax Chambers, UK
Philip Marcovici TEP, The Offices of Philip Marcovici Limited, Hong Kong
Patricia García Mediero, Avantia Asesoramiento Fiscal y Legal, Spain

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Webinar 3: Financial decision-making capacity

18 November 2020

In a rapidly changing world clients are increasingly vulnerable to risks when making financial decisions – from online debt and poor financial advice to vulnerability due to life circumstances whether permanent or temporary. How can TEP's minimise risks of financial loss for their clients? Legislation dealing with investment decision making capacity, and safeguards, varies across jurisdictions. What are the new and emerging challenges, issues and opportunities? What are the emerging best practices?

Moderator: Mark Dunkley TEP, Shakespeare Martineau LLP, UK

Carol Lynde, Bridgehouse Asset Managers, Canada

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Webinar 4: 'Where is home?' Residency and Domicile Post-COVID

27 January 2021

Moderator: Nancy Golding QC TEP, Borden Ladner Gervais, Canada 

Line-Alexa Glotin, UGGC, France 
Anthony Partridge TEP, Ogier, Cayman Islands 
Jennifer Smithson TEP, Macfarlanes LLP, UK

Full details available soon

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Webinar 5: Rehabilitating Trusts

24 February 2021

Trusts have suffered from an image problem in recent years, with media stories portraying them as vehicles for wealthy individuals to 'hide' tax from the relevant authorities. The Rehabilitation of Trusts project aims to rebuild that reputation among key stakeholders and put evidence into the debate. This webinar will discuss findings from the research undertaken as part of the project.

Moderator: Simon Hodges, Director of Profession STEP, UK

Joseph C. Kellogg TEP, WE Family Offices, US
Ryan Myint TEP, Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP, UK 
John Riches TEP, RMW Law LLP, UK
Philippa Stokes TEP, The R&H Trust Co. Ltd, The Cayman Islands

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Webinar 6: Banking Bad? A Global Mystery Shopping Test of the Risk-Based Approach

24 March 2021

Banks and corporate service providers are meant to apply a risk-based approach to customer due diligence, yet no one really knows if they do in practice. To test this proposition, a global mystery shopping exercise based on thousands of solicitations for companies and corporate bank accounts was conducted. Those doing the shopping were a mix of real shell companies and fictitious consultants we created to personify various risk profiles, from corruption to terrorist financing. The design of our study allowed us to measure the effect of different kinds of risk on the likelihood that firms would do business, and on their propensity to follow or flout international know-your-customer rules.

Moderator: Ian Huddleston TEP, Board Member, STEP Worldwide 

Professor Jason Sharman, University of Cambridge, UK

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