Topical trust and tax update. 21 September 2022

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The webinar will be presented by the fantastic John Bunker who will be providing a topical trust and tax update to cover the following points:

1. Trust Register changes in July and August: big changes on estates, will trusts and partnerships

What do the major updates of the TRS Manual, which came out on 20 July and 2 Aug when many were in holiday mode, mean for our practice?

We will consider:

  • Estates that run on over two years, when you have to register the estate as a new trust?
  • Variations of estates: how and when you lose the two-year exclusion on any bare trust arising from a variation?
  • Appropriations: why the bare trust for a beneficiary post appropriation may need to be registered.
  • Partnership property: the assets of partnerships held by a partner for the others, which need to be registered on TRS, and why this connects with our BPR planning advice.
  • Penalties: what the guidance says about deliberate failure to register and some practice implications.

2. Tax planning under PM Truss:

Given all the tax changes the new PM Truss has promised, what does that mean for us advising our clients on tax planning?

Anticipating the Autumn Budget changes to NICs etc. can we encourage clients who are doing ok  with the tax regime at present to help their children/ grandchildren who are struggling with the cost of living? How can they do so tax effectively?

Please email [email protected] to book your place and receive registration details.

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17:00 - 18:30
Lucy Bromley
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