Virtual conference: 10th Annual Institute on Tax, Estate Planning and The World Economy. 8-9 February 2021

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On behalf of The Board of the STEP Orange County, I am pleased to extend this invitation to its 10th Annual Institute on Tax, Estate Planning, and the World Economy.

We can all agree that 2020 has presented unique challenges for everyone. Adjusting to working in a different way, challenges in seeing clients and conducting our business safely hasn't been easy. When the pandemic began, we recognized that we needed to adapt The Institute to a virtual event. Our primary objective is to retain the exceptional presentations, education and networking that has been carefully cultivated over previous years and ensure we add real world value for members.

We are pleased to deliver a professionally produced experience using the best accessible technology. This will not simply be a day of videos; our 17 nationally recognized presenters, keynote speakers, and sponsors even have virtual booths with drawings all designed to provide an exceptional experience, similar to a live event. The 19 hours of Continuing Education Credit will be available for review and credit for 30 days following the Institute.

We're also excited to have added a Master Class Series for attendees interested in delving deep into a particularly interesting or complex topic. These 90 minute seminars will be a working discussion facilitated by an expert. In these elective sessions, members can participate in the discussion as the group dives into great detail. We are confident that engaging in this way will be well received.

Greg E. Custer
STEP Orange County Chair

Continually ranked one of the top estate planning conferences in the US, topics for 2021 will include:

  • Hot Topics - 2021 Estate, Gift and GST Updates with Andrew Katzenstein
  • When best to use Dynasty Trusts
  • Effective Tax Strategies with Paul Lee
  • Valuation Adjustment Clauses
  • Comparing GRATS and Sales to Defective Trusts
  • Private Placement Life Insurance with Jonathan Blattmachr
  • International Tax Planning
  • Inner Circle Legislative with Former US Representative Mike Ferguson
Step Orange County
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