Wealth Taxes – The Future of Taxation in a Post-COVID World

Wealth taxes, while not a new idea, are gaining popularity as a solution to the debts that governments have taken on as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Expert Speakers will examine the implications of introducing wealth taxes, with reflections from a jurisdiction that already has such a tax, as well as discuss potential alternative solutions to addressing the growing fiscal challenges. 

Part of the Thought Leadership Series of webinars which will provide virtual access to the most topical content from the STEP Global Congress 2020 programme.


  • Tony Pitcher TEP, LGL Group, Jersey


  • Emma Chamberlain OBE TEP, Barrister Pump Court Tax Chambers, UK (read interview)
  • Philip Marcovici TEP, The Offices of Philip Marcovici Limited, Hong Kong (read interview)
  • Patricia García Mediero, Avantia Asesoramiento Fiscal y Legal, Spain (read interview).