What you need to know about ESG! 29 November 2021

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The biggest buzz-word in investment today is ESG (environmental, social and governance), which is also tied in with (but is different from) the concepts of sustainability and impact investing. More families and other investors are insisting that investments made on their behalf comply with ESG criteria, and increasingly fund managers and other shareholders are investigating the ESG credentials of companies into which they are considering investing. In turn, investee companies are actively fine-tuning their ESG credentials in order to attract investors.

As prevalent as ESG concerns are, there is still a lot of confusion among investors as to what this all entails. Regulatory authorities globally and in Hong Kong are now starting to prescribe criteria for assessing ESG criteria (particularly with respect to climate change issues), and are turning their attention to companies and fund managers who make excessive claims about the environmental credentials of their investments and operations.

In this session, to shed a light on all these issues, the speaker will explain:

  • what these terms actually mean;
  • why demand for ESG compliant investments is increasing;
  • how ESG issues affect demand and pricing;
  • comparison of returns from ESG versus other products;
  • how ESG/sustainability/impact credentials are assessed;
  • the role of ratings agencies;
  • the danger of 'greenwashing' (making excessive claims) and;
  • what measures are being taken to avoid this;
  • the role of regulatory and other supervisory authorities;
  • implications for trustees and other fund managers, taking into account their fiduciary duty o maximise returns;
  • the uncertainties that still exist in this field.


  • Simon Liu, Senior Investment Research Manager, St. James’s Place (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Michael Olesnicky, Senior Consultant, Baker McKenzie Hong Kong

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