What you say. What they hear. What they remember. The matrix of private client advice and education. 17 May 2023

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STEP Colorado in Formation
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Web Event

Please join STEP CO Formation for the following presentation and learn more about the formation of the new STEP Colorado Chapter.


  • Vera Divenyi, Director, Private Wealth Advisor, BMO Wealth Management, Denver, CO
  • Katarinna McBride, Chief Legal Officer, Focus Family Office Counsel, Vail, CO

Program description

In this meeting, our speakers will emphasize critical practices in keeping clients educated on the nature of their planning and modifications in their planning regime. Sticky education makes for a sticky client.

*STEP CO Formation will be hosting this event in a hybrid format, incorporating both virtual and in-person attendees. There is limited space for in-person attendees.

* This is not a solicitation from STEP USA or STEP Worldwide. If you have inquiries about STEP Colorado Formation, please contact one of the hosts of this event.

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16:00 - 17:15 (U.S. Mountain Daylight Time)
Sarah Scofield
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