Family Business

With family business having emerged as a distinct area of knowledge and substantial field of practice in many cultures and countries, there is increasing pressure on the advisory community to ensure that the professional services provided to family business clients are creative, considered, compassionate and competitive.

These two new Advanced Certificates from STEP include up to date syllabi covering the emerging themes and concepts in this fast-evolving field of practice, providing delegates with an in depth understanding of the theories, practical frameworks and best practices when working with any family business system.

Each Advanced Certificate provides 30 Diploma Level credits towards STEP Membership and a full STEP Diploma.

The Advanced Certificate in Advising the Family Business has been designed to provide practical knowledge about what differentiates family businesses from other types of clients; introduce theories and frameworks that are needed to better understand family business dynamics, and identify common concerns, transitions and difficulties encountered within a family business.

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The Advanced Certificate in Family Business Governance expands on the theories and frameworks covered in the Advanced Certificate in Advising the Family Business and explores how to put them into action by working through practical case studies, scenarios and activities.

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