Founder's Awards

The STEP Founder’s Awards for Outstanding Achievement take place annually

The Founder’s Awards for Outstanding Achievement which commemorate George Tasker, the founder of STEP, are awarded to our exceptional volunteers who have made an extraordinary and outstanding long term contribution to the Society above and beyond that normally expected of a volunteer whether through office in his or her branch or elsewhere in the voluntary life of the Society.

Congratulations to the 2021 recipients

  • Rachel Blumenfeld - STEP Toronto                              
  • Jonathan Dunlop - STEP Bermuda                              
  • Peter Economides - STEP Cyprus                                  
  • Chris Erwood - STEP West of England                 
  • Dr Paolo Filippini - STEP Lugano
  • Harry Joffe - STEP Johannesburg                     
  • Ellen Kratzer - STEP USA                                                     
  • Martina Moscardi - STEP Italy                                                      
  • Richard Niedermayer - STEP Atlantic Provinces        
  • Grant Osborn-Smith - STEP Lucerne/Zug                                       
  • Naomi Rive - STEP Jersey                                           
  • Seow Chee Goh - STEP Singapore                             
  • Andrew Wriglesworth - STEP Yorkshire                    
  • Grahame Young - STEP Western Australia              

Previous Recipients - 2008 to 2019 (PDF 370 KB)

Nominations are assessed by a panel comprising Michael Young, Rosemary Marr, Richard Pease, Helene Lewis, (past Chairs of STEP) and Dayra Berbey de Rojas, and Chaired by Michael Cadesky.