Protect Your Digital Memories Campaign Toolkit

STEP’s ‘Protect your digital memories for future generations’ public campaign focuses on sentimental digital possessions such as photos, videos and social accounts, and some simple actions people can take to ensure these aren’t lost or inaccessible in the event of their death or incapacity.

The campaign aims to get people thinking about what would happen to their photos, social accounts and videos after they’ve gone. It highlights that without planning, they may be lost forever – depriving future generations of these digital memories.

The campaign website is

Below we have gathered together various materials to help to help us to spread the word and raise awareness of the need to plan for what happens to your digital assets after you’ve gone.

Social media posts

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Campaign video: Protect your digital memories

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Video clip: Digital memories call to action

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Social media cards

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Campaign guidelines

Download our campaign guidelines so you can see how to use our materials.

Template media release

Download a template media release to adapt for use with local press.

Research report: Digital assets - a call to action

Our report found that digital assets are increasingly becoming a normal part of modern estate planning but close to half of respondents had not prepared to to assist clients with them.

Digital assets: Explained

We have produced a series of short video clips that explain some of the key terminology relating to digital assets. We produced these clips in response to the findings of STEP’s digital assets research report – Digital assets: A call to action.

Inventory for Digital Assets and Digital Devices

It is best practice for practitioners to encourage clients to undertake an inventory of digital assets and digital devices as part of their estate planning, incapacity planning and to assist in estate and trust administration. STEP’s Digital Assets Special Interest Group has devised an inventory template to help you and your clients account for their digital assets. Both print and interactive digital versions are available for download and completion.

Digital Legacy Scorecard

STEP's Digital Legacy Scorecard is a digital legacy management tool which rates cloud service providers (CSPs) on whether or not they meet a series of basic requirements and merit ratings. The Scorecard is intended to be the starting point for practitioners to analyse the terms of service agreement (ToSA) and any available pre-planning options of a CSP in order to advise clients of their use and implications as part of the estate-planning process.