STEP Governance

STEP has a clear organisational structure, from its Honorary Officers and governing bodies to regions, branches and chapters, committees and Special Interest Groups, and finally the staff.

STEP's governing bodies and committees, and its worldwide network of regions, branches and chapters are all run by members: volunteers who offer their time and expertise to provide essential direction, leadership, guidance, development and support for the Society. They are supported by STEP staff who look after the day-to-day management and operation of the Society. Here is STEP's Governance Organogram (PDF 245KB)

Getting involved

If you are a STEP member and are interested in getting involved on a local, national or international level, you can find out more about this here

Central Governance

Providing the strategic direction of STEP

STEP’s Constitutional Framework, Council, Board, Committees and Honorary Officers

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Region and Branch governance

Local support and representation

How our regions, Branches and Chapters work

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Special Interest Group governance

Steering our specialist communities

Organisation and structure of our Special Interest Groups

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