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17 June 2019

Over the past year, our firm, Genesis Fund Services Limited (Genesis) has strategically developed a vision and mission for the organisation to take on the mantra of consistency, respect, excellence, integrity, diligence and discipline (CREIDD) and, through this, challenge ourselves to become better global professionals. Our mission statement, in its first sentence, proclaims who we are, and what our state is: ‘Our team of talented global professionals is committed’. At the core of the statement, we have been reminded that our talent is to have a global perspective, and also reminded about what it takes to be a global professional: commitment.

5 June 2019

You’ve heard of the work-from-home revolution, but how about working from the beach? Global tech entrepreneur Stan Stalnaker is a forward thinker when it comes to flexible working. Here, he shares his tips for how you can swap a dingy office for golden sands…

14 May 2019

Young high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) are not like their parents. They care about social impact, transparency, security and privacy. To service these digital natives, wealth management advisors need to adapt. Here are seven reasons why… 1. They want their wealth to have a positive social impact

13 May 2019

Art, bitcoin, action figures – young HNWIs are pushing the boundaries on investment, and wealth management advisors need to keep up We are seeing the emergence of a new generation of internationally mobile high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs); and their behaviours and investment attitudes differ profoundly from those of previous generations.

8 May 2019

As families try to gain greater control over their financial affairs, family offices (FOs) have risen in popularity to play a vital part in the cohesive and coherent management of their business interests, along with the domestic and personal affairs of their members.

10 April 2019

Answers to six frequently asked questions from Latin American clients with respect to their estate planning and the disposition of their property situate in the Bahamas

11 March 2019

The Bahamas does not have forced-heirship laws, though they exist in many other jurisdictions, therefore, persons resident in the Bahamas have complete testamentary freedom, writes Sharmon Ingraham - Senior Associate with Higgs & Johnson