60-second interview with Christine Pasquier Ciulla

Christine Pasquier Ciulla, 10/6/2019

Christine Pasquier Ciulla TEP is partner and head of the Private Client team, CMS Pasquier Ciulla Marquet & Pastor (Monaco).

What does your firm or organisation do?

CMS Pasquier Ciulla Marquet & Pastor is an independent law firm based in Monaco. We advise on private client issues as well as on banking and finance, business and investments, employment, real estate and construction matters. We handle transactional, regulatory and litigation matters. We are part of a wider network of independent law firms with 72 offices in 41 countries. Our Private Client team is the largest in the firm, with one partner and seven associates of all levels of seniority.

What has STEP done for you, individually, or as a business?

STEP has provided an exceptional forum for sharing ideas and insights on business and legal developments in our field of expertise, in particular in relation to marriage contracts, trusts, wills and successions, and asset management for protected adults. On a firm-wide level, STEP has provided excellent business development opportunities over the years.

What is the most important thing STEP does, in your opinion?

STEP’s qualifications and membership frameworks are both great tools for any professional in our field. It not only provides highly focused training in all types of formats, but it also helps people connect with and learn from each other.

You will be speaking at the STEP Europe Conference this month. What will you be speaking on?

I will be discussing cross-border succession, and my colleague Raphaëlle Svara will be going over tax issues in cross-border divorce proceedings under Monaco law.

Why are these topics important for practitioners in 2019?

They both highlight the challenges that we’re facing with an increased number of highly complex cross-border mandates, in which regulations from several legal systems are intertwined.

What do you feel are the main issues for the European region in 2019?

There are, in my view, two major issues. First and foremost, Brexit and its practical consequences on the lives of our clients. More specifically, will the UK continue to apply European regulations? With a large proportion of Monegasque residents being UK citizens, we are seeing a lot of concern within our clientele, in particular about the impact of Brexit on divorce proceedings and estate planning.

The second is the application of the new matrimonial regimes’ regulations. On that front too, we will be watching closely how things develop.

What do you most like about your job?

Working with individuals who own assets in all parts of the world is very challenging, especially when handling cross-border divorce and succession issues.

What would you say to a young person thinking of a career in this industry?

I would highly recommend them to learn and speak several languages. They should focus on private international law, which in our practice, is essential, due to the globalisation and the Europeanisation of our work.

Which sectors are likely to see the strongest future growth, do you think?

I really feel that estate planning and advisory work for vulnerable people show the strongest future growth.

What about jurisdictions?

Globalisation implies that all jurisdictions will experience growth in the future.

What trends do you see in the global private wealth sector at the moment?

I would say cross-border estate planning issues, and art-related advisory and contentious work.

What do you feel are the main challenges facing your organisation at the moment, and how will you deal with them?

The increasing complexity of the mandates that we handle is our biggest challenge, even though our team is very international, diverse and extremely experienced. We have many foreign lawyers within our ranks, who are comfortable handling concepts of civil and common law and can master the intricacies of the articulation between the legal systems. They are also very creative!

Which social media channels do you use?

We use LinkedIn and Twitter (@CMS_PCM

Christine Pasquier Ciulla TEP is partner and head of the Private Client team, CMS Pasquier Ciulla Marquet & Pastor (Monaco). She advises and represents private individuals (high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth) of all nationalities on personal law, private international law, trusts and estate-related matters. She serves on the STEP Monaco Branch Committee.