60-second interview with David Cadin

David Cadin, 23/11/2018

David Cadin is Managing Partner of Bedell Cristin, based in Jersey.

What is your role within your firm?

I’m the managing partner and litigator.

How did it feel to win the STEP Private Client Award for Contentious Trusts and Estates Team of the Year (midsize firm)?

We were absolutely thrilled. We know how hotly contested this award is. We have always believed that our contentious team is special, getting extraordinary results for clients, without necessarily shouting about it. Having our team recognised through winning a prestigious STEP award is a great achievement and a fantastic accolade.

Why is winning a STEP PCA important to your firm?

The STEP awards are highly regarded in the industry - winning the award is therefore a credible third-party endorsement of the quality of our team.

What are the main challenges facing your organisation at the moment?

I can list a few, including Brexit, political uncertainty, and ever-present global headwinds blowing across the offshore environment. 

How will you deal with these challenges?

Stick to the plan; focus on the parts that we can control; and plan around those that we cannot. 

What do you like best about your job?

I get a real sense of achievement in turning an idea into a reality (whether in terms of management or in litigation) and, in particular, in getting a team to deliver. We have just done this with our Cayman merger - turning this from a ‘what if…’ through to a reality in less than 12 months.

.. and what do you feel is most worthwhile?

Asking questions, and listening to the answers!

What would you say to a young person thinking of a career in this industry?

This is a really difficult question. The practice of law is changing; it is becoming harder for young people to get a foothold on the career ladder or to progress up it; quite what the future delivery of legal services looks like is a matter of conjecture.

Legal knowledge is not enough. So I encourage young people to start thinking about the skills that will be important in the future (for example, drive, empathy and adaptability), to start thinking now about the changes that might occur (they are far closer and far more connected to what is possible) and to realise that to be successful they will have to help us, the existing firms and practitioners, to evolve. It is a two-way street; we have as much to learn from them as they from us.

Where do you see future growth, both in terms of sectors and jurisdictions?

From an offshore perspective, I think that the flight to quality jurisdictions will continue. Global standards and regulation are only ever going to increase, and clients will increasingly expect offshore firms to deliver, seamlessly, across a range of jurisdictions.

Which social media channels do you use and why?

LinkedIn - because it's a great way to reach our audience and drive traffic to our website. We use Twitter - @BedellCristin is our firm-wide handle and we have other feeds for specific practice areas as well. We use Facebook for our employer brand and for our local property teams, as it reaches the right audience. 

David Cadin is an Advocate and Managing Partner at Bedell Cristin, and is Bâtonnier (Head) of the Jersey Bar. He spoke at STEP's recent Annual International Conference in Jersey.