60-second interview with Lorraine Wheeler 2019

Lorraine Wheeler, 21/6/2019

Lorraine Wheeler TEP is Director, Private Wealth at IQ-EQ Management (Jersey).

What does your firm do?

IQ-EQ helps global investors focus on investing and preserving capital in a sustainable and compliant manner.

What has STEP done for you, individually, or as a business?

Individually, I've been a volunteer for STEP for 23 years in Bermuda, Switzerland and Jersey, culminating in becoming branch chair of Jersey and serving as a STEP Council member. I have seen STEP grow from a small organisation into a global powerhouse, and it’s allowed me to build relationships all around the world.

You will be speaking at the STEP Employer Partnership Programme (EPP) Summer Forum next week, which is on employee engagement. What will you be covering?

I will discuss how to boost engagement through the effective use of staff data.

How important is employee engagement to the success of an enterprise?

Employee engagement, done meaningfully, celebrates and builds upon good practice. There is often room to make improvements, and when staff feel they are being taken seriously and their employer listens and makes changes, they feel empowered.

There are definite rewards; a happy workforce leads to happy clients, and makes all of our lives much easier.

What would you say is the best way to improve employee engagement? Can this be measured?

I would say you need to be bold and not be constrained by typical tools and techniques. IQ-EQ has moved away from formal engagement by survey, to focus groups to provide an ongoing dialogue amongst staff. Discussions are ‘in the moment’ rather than at a particular point in time, and we have developed our own resources to do this.

Where do people go wrong?

A lot of organisations work through surveys. It takes a long time to gather the data and often, comments and niggles aren’t addressed. In addition, the questions asked are at such a high global level that staff don’t see any value or benefit in responding. Responses are often rushed to ‘get it out of the way,’ and can be affected by one’s mood at the time.

Which social media channels do you use and why?

We use all forms of social media, as different applications appeal to different people. Some of our channels are designed for use externally, but we have also set up a lot of closed internal groupings to keep staff updated and engaged.

Lorraine Wheeler TEP is Director, Private Wealth at IQ-EQ Management (Jersey). A former chair of the STEP Jersey Branch, Lorraine says she is a great believer in education, and mentors STEP students. She took the STEP Advanced Certificate of International Taxation, which she observes has proved to be very useful.