60-second interview with Thomas Grozinger 2017

Thomas Grozinger, 22/8/2017

Tom Grozinger TEP is principal trust specialist with RBC Wealth Management in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

How and why did you get involved with STEP?

My first involvement in STEP was when I was asked to be the first chair of the Ottawa (Ontario) branch back in 1999. It’s been a remarkable and enriching experience ever since!

What benefits has it brought you personally, or in your business?

One of the greatest benefits is the ability to learn from, and exchange ideas with, members from many professional disciplines, all with the objective of advancing estate and trust knowledge for the betterment of our clients. As a frequent speaker at STEP events, I have also had the opportunity of honing both my presentation and substantive skills, so increasing my professional profile among the STEP community.

You were given a Founder’s Award last year. What does this mean to you?

I was very surprised to have received this award! I know that there are many members who contribute to making STEP the successful professional association that it is known for worldwide, and my efforts are just a very small part of that, but I am very honoured to be a recipient.

What is the most important thing STEP does, in your opinion?

Setting the standard by which the public can have confidence that an individual with the TEP designation satisfies core knowledge competencies in the areas of estates and trusts.

What would you say to other members who are thinking of getting more involved with STEP?

Absolutely get involved! You will be very glad you did. The opportunity to make connections with others on committees, and to know that you are giving something of value back to the estate and trust profession, are both very rewarding.

What do you feel are the main challenges facing your region at the moment?

Increased tax changes and tax regulatory compliance, both domestically and abroad.

How can these challenges be addressed?

If you’ll pardon the pun, the first ‘step’ is to become aware of relevant tax developments on both the domestic and international front.

A great way of doing so is through STEP membership. Attending national and branch meetings and conferences, receiving the STEP Journal and getting the International and North America News Digests all help alert us to relevant tax developments both domestically and abroad, so that we can then develop action plans as required.


K. Thomas Grozinger TEP is Principal Trust Specialist with RBC Wealth Management, Estate & Trust Services, Professional Practice Group Management in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A frequent speaker at STEP events, he is also a Member of STEP Canada’s Education Committee; Trust & Estate Technical Committee; Certificate in Trust and Estates Administration committee; and Chair of Qualified Practitioner Subcommittee. He is also a former chair of STEP’s Ottawa Branch.