How to Join

Join the leading international network of experts in family inheritance and succession planning.

How do I join STEP?

There are three routes to membership, depending on your level of experience and qualifications: Exam; Essay; and Expertise. Just select the route that is most appropriate for you.

On all routes, full membership requires completion of an online Professional Standards Awareness (PSA) module highlighting STEP’s Code of Professional Conduct, to which all members must commit as a condition of membership. Find out more about what you are committing to when joining STEP here

Which route is for me?

Accumulate 240 credits through completing qualifications and demonstrating relevant experience. As the requisite levels of experience and qualification are reached, you can move up through our membership framework to reach the top level of membership - the TEP.

If you already have a relevant professional qualification and five years' industry experience you can join STEP by submitting three essays of approximately 5,000 words in length in response to set questions.

If you have a relevant professional qualification and a minimum ten years' senior experience working at leadership level in the industry in practice or academia and considered an expert by peers, you can join STEP by the Expertise route.