STEP Membership Categories

Full Member

Full Members of STEP have exclusive use of the TEP designation and STEP logo, to enhance their profile in the industry and promote their specialist knowledge to both clients and colleagues.


  • Members who have completed the Exam Route to membership, so have accumulated 240 credits  through STEP exams or accredited equivalent qualifications
  • Members who have completed the Essay Route to membership and have successfully applied to upgrade to TEP, Full membership of STEP
  • Senior practitioners who have successfully applied for the Expertise Route to gain TEP, Full membership of STEP

Associate Member


  • Members who have obtained 120 credits via the Exam Route and have applied to upgrade to Associate from Affiliate membership
  • Members who have completed one essay while enrolled on the Essay Route to membership

Associate Members can use the term ‘STEP Associate’ on their CV, business cards, stationery and email signature. There are no post nominal or letters for this membership category.

Affiliate Member


    • Applicants who have obtained 60 credits via the Exam Route; or
    • Applicants who have been approved for membership based on Approved Prior Learning (APL)
    • Applicants who are enrolled on the Essay Route

Affiliate Members can use the term ‘STEP Affiliate’ on their CV, business cards, stationery and email signature. There are no post nominal or letters for this membership category.

Retired Member

  • Members who have retired from practice and wish to retain their association with STEP
  • Membership is renewed annually at a reduced fee

Retired Members can use the designation 'Retired TEP'. Visit the Reduced Membership page to apply for Retired membership. 

Restricted Member

Restricted membership is granted to Full, Associate and Affiliate Members who are not working in the trusts and/or estates industry due to: ill health; career break; maternity/paternity leave; are on secondment with another company. Restricted Members qualify for a reduced subscription and membership is renewed annually.

Visit the Reduced Membership page page for more information.

Specific membership queries should be directed to

Emeritus, Honorary and Judicial Members

Emeritus Members

Emeritus Membership is awarded to those who have made a unique and exceptional contribution to STEP.

  1. Mr Edward Buckland (Jersey)
  2. Mr Michael Cadesky (Canada)
  3. Mrs Clare Colacicchi (England and Wales)
  4. Mrs Helene-Anne Lewis (BVI)
  5. Mrs Rosemary Marr (Jersey)
  6. Mr Richard Pease (Switzerland)
  7. Mr Michael Young (England and Wales)

Honorary Members

Honorary membership is awarded to those who have made a unique and exceptional contribution to the field of trusts and estates, whether in their own jurisdiction or internationally.

  1. Professor Rose-Marie Antoine (Caribbean)
  2. The Right Honourable Lady Justice Arden DBE (England and Wales)
  3. Professor David English (USA)
  4. Sir Peter Gibson (England and Wales)
  5. The Honourable Mr Justice David Hayton LLD (Trinidad and Tobago)
  6. Professor W A Lee (Australia)
  7. The Right Honourable Lord Mackay of Clashfern FRSE (Scotland)
  8. Mr Geoffrey Shindler OBE (England and Wales)
  9. Professor Luc Thévenoz (Switzerland)
  10. Dr Donovan Waters QC FRSC (Canada)

Judicial Members

Judicial membership of the Society is open to any individual who is appointed to a full-time judicial post where there is a significant element of trust and estate work.

  1. The Honourable Justice Neville Adderley (Bahamas)
  2. Dame Sarah Asplin DBE QC (England and Wales)
  3. The Honourable Justice Roslyn Atkinson (Australia)
  4. Bailiff William Bailhache (Jersey)
  5. The Honourable Ms Justice Marie Baker (Republic of Ireland)
  6. Madam Justice Sandra K Ballance (Canada)
  7. Sir Michael Birt (Jersey)
  8. Sir William Blackburne (England and Wales)
  9. The Honourable Mr Justice Bokhary (Hong Kong)
  10. Registrar Christopher Boyle (Australia)
  11. Registrar Sandra Boyle (Australia)
  12. The Right Honourable Lord Justice Briggs (England and Wales)
  13. Commissioner Julian Clyde-Smith (Jersey)
  14. The Honourable Mr Justice Cullity – Retired (Canada)
  15. The Right Honourable Lord Justice Drummond Young (Scotland)
  16. The Honourable Justice Arthur Emmett (Australia)
  17. Sir Edward Christopher Evans-Lombe (England and Wales)
  18. The Honourable Justice Paul Finn (Australia)
  19. The Honourable Justice Eileen Gillese (Canada)
  20. Judge Lewis Goldblatt (South Africa)
  21. The Honourable Justice Gray (Australia)
  22. The Honourable Justice William Gummow AC QC (Australia)
  23. The Honourable J D Heydon AC QC (Australia)
  24. The Right Honourable Professor Sir Robin Jacob (England and Wales)
  25. The Honourable Mr Justice Craig M Jones (Canada)
  26. The Right Honourable Lord Justice Lewison (England and Wales)
  27. Sir Gavin Lightman (England and Wales)
  28. Mr Denzil Lush, Senior Judge, Court of Protection (England and Wales)
  29. The Honourable Justice Ann Lyons (Australia)
  30. The Honourable Justice Debra Mullins (Australia)
  31. The Honourable Justice Nettle QC (Australia)
  32. The Honourable Mr Justice Nugee (England and Wales)
  33. The Honourable Justice Pagone (Australia)
  34. Sir Jonathan Parker (England and Wales)
  35. Judge Owen Rogers (South Africa)
  36. The Honourable Anthony Smellie QC (Cayman Islands)
  37. The Honourable Lord Tyre CBE QC (Scotland)
  38. The Right Honourable Lord Justice Vos (England and Wales)
  39. The Right Honourable Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe (United Kingdom)
  40. The Right Honourable Sir Nicholas Wall (England and Wales)
  41. The Honourable Mr Justice Peter Young AO (Australia)
  42. The Honourable Mr Justice Ralph Zulman (South Africa)
  43. Justice Phillip Hallen (Australia)


Student status is granted to those studying an entry level STEP Certificate. Students are automatically upgraded to Affiliate membership once they have accumulated 60 credits


Friends of STEP

This category is open to anyone not eligible to join as a member but who is interested in Trusts and Estates or works in a related field.

Becoming a Friend of STEP will allow you to stay up-to-date with STEP news and events.