Welcome to the February 2018 issue of the STEP Journal. Our first regional focus, on Asia Pacific, has articles covering developments in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Cook Islands, and China, and a roundtable feature on industry trends in Asia. The second, on the UK, includes a look at the impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Philanthropy is the topic focus, with features on donor-funded work, family values and social capital, and more. As well as our regular items, we also interview David Barnes TEP, former STEP Chief Executive. Read full issue

Regional Focus: Asia Pacific
Alan Taylor is Marketing Director at the Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority.
Alan Taylor considers the importance of incorporating appropriate asset protection in wealth and succession planning.
Regional Focus: United Kingdom
EU Confidential
Changes to data-protection rules affect structures aiming to restrict information to beneficiaries and others, explain Chris Moorcroft, Jo Sanders and Caroline Rao.
Issue Focus: Philanthropy
Rupert Phelps is a Partner in Family Office Services at Smith & Williamson.
A family’s values and social capital can define its core purpose, educate the next generation and lead to greater prosperity, writes Rupert Phelps.
The move to one major fiscal event per year in the UK should result in greater clarity, writes Simon Hodges.

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