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Industry news: Bahamas - Government plans to develop digital assets market

The Government of the Bahamas has published a draft policy paper on the country's future treatment of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. The paper explores the digital asset landscape and the legislative framework regulating crypto-assets.

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Research report: Digital assets - A call to action

Digital assets are now an important part of people's lives. But what are the experiences of practitioners in planning for these client assets when someone dies or is incapacitated?
STEP's report in partnership with the Microsoft-funded Cloud Legal Project at Queen Mary University of London explores the extent to which practitioners deal with digital assets, the risks and challenges digital assets pose to estate planning and administration, and the measures practitioners are taking to assist clients with digital assets.

Report: Digital assets - A call to action

Insight panel: The shape of things to come

A STEP Insight Panel predicts the future role that digital assets and technology will play in the trusts and estates world in the next ten years.

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Our latest webinar

From social media accounts and email inboxes to crypto-assets and photographs, digital assets are an increasingly important part of people’s lives. But what happens to these assets when someone dies or is incapacitated? A survey of STEP members found a lack of awareness among both clients and practitioners, and inconsistencies in legislation and service provider policy and procedure.

In this webinar an international panel of experts consider what actions need to be taken by practitioners, governments and service providers to manage the risks and enable effective estate planning and administration for digital assets.


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STEP is working to build awareness of some of the actions clients can take now to plan for what will happen to their sentimental digital assets when they are no longer here through its 'Protect your digital memories for future generations' campaign.

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Our Digital Assets Special Interest Group provides an international forum of debate, education and support related to planning for and administering digital assets, also driving the need for, and harmonisation of, legislation in relevant areas.

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It is best practice for practitioners to encourage clients to undertake an inventory for digital assets and digital devices as part of their estate planning, incapacity planning and to assist in estate and trust administration.