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SINGAPORE: Crypto-assets and NFTs may now be classed as matrimonial assets

Two recent decisions of the High Court of Singapore have ruled that digital assets such as cryptocurrency holdings and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are considered property and can be subject to proprietary injunctions. The rulings in CLM v CLN (2022 SGHC 46) and Janesh s/o Rajkumar v Unknown Person (2022 SGHC 264) have attracted substantial interest in the legal community, especially regarding the treatment of digital assets in Singapore cases concerning matrimonial assets acquired during a marriage.

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STEP Journal: Digital gold into digital ash

Olga Freer TEP and Elias Cristante detail estate-planning pitfalls and solutions in the information age.

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Research report: Digital assets - A call to action

Digital assets are now an important part of people's lives. STEP's report in partnership with the Microsoft-funded Cloud Legal Project at Queen Mary University of London explores the extent to which practitioners deal with digital assets, the risks and challenges digital assets pose to estate planning and administration, and the measures practitioners are taking to assist clients with digital assets. 

Report: Digital assets - A call to action

Digital Assets Inventory template

STEP's Digital Assets SIG devised an inventory template to help you and your clients account for their digital assets. Both print and interactive digital versions are available.  

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Our latest webinar from the Digital Assets SIG

Blockchain, NFTs and crypto-currencies remain hot topics that continue to flood daily media and news. Inevitably they are finding their way into the legal courtrooms too, bringing unique complexities. By their very nature (distributed, decentralised, code/’smart property’ based), these technologies and digital assets present extraordinary challenges for courts, litigators and their claimants to navigating data discovery, evidentiary collection and case management, petitions, and all other facets of the public litigation process.


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Our Digital Assets Special Interest Group provides an international forum of debate, education and support related to planning for and administering digital assets, also driving the need for, and harmonisation of, legislation in relevant areas.

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