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Alzheimers Society

STEP provides supplementary paper on testamentary capacity to Law Commission

STEP’s Wills Working Group has submitted its comments on testamentary capacity to the Law Commission of England and Wales (the Law Commission).There are currently two tests for testamentary capacity, which are found in Banks v Goodfellow (Banks) and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA 2005); however recent case law and commentary suggests there is a practical problem of inconsistent application. STEP therefore recommends the implementation of a single statutory test that is based on Banks.

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STEP Journal: A safeguard against financial abuse

How the STEP Global Representative Power tackles worldwide issues associated with loss of mental capacity.

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Industry insight: A turning point in the fight against dementia – A will to remember

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One in three people born today will go on to develop dementia presenting endless challenges. Adam Buckles, Head of Legacies at Alzheimer’s Society explains how you, your clients and your firm can make a difference, and be part of the multifaceted solution, by becoming part of a network of dedicated solicitors helping to remove some of the obstacles to will writing.

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Webinar replay - Mental capacity: The abuse of trust in practice

At this webinar our international panel of speakers discuss the warning signs in relation to the abuse of trust in practice and how to safeguard against it. The legal, policy and regulatory issues that arise in this context will also be discussed, as well as how they could be improved or expanded upon.

STEP Journal

A guide with global relevance

Kathleen Cunningham TEP reviews a recently created guide for assisting persons in vulnerable situations, with an emphasis on Canada.

Book review: Advising Clients with Mental Health Conditions

Book review

Advising Clients with Mental Health Conditions addresses the social challenges that are difficult to navigate if one is managing disability or mental illness. It also touches briefly on the complex interface between mental health and mental capacity law.

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STEP's Mental Capacity SIG focuses on the increasing importance and relevance of issues concerning capacity in all aspects of legal work relating to inheritance and succession planning. The group aims to ensure that all members are kept up to date with developments and, indeed, are part of the debate and shaping the future where possible.