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CANADA: Court considers “marriage-like” relationships in property dispute

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has considered the principles to be applied when determining if a couple has been in a “marriage-like” relationship. It examined the two parties’ positions on their relationship in light of factors such as cohabitation, sexual relations and economic support. The court concluded that the claimaint did not meet the burden of proof to demonstrate that the relationship was marriage-like for a continuous period of at least two years. It therefore ruled that the claimant could not advance a claim for division of alleged family property under the Family Law Act (Bellerose v Reda 2023 BCSC 748).

Source: BC Courts, Disinherited

STEP Journal: The Swiss Army knife wealth manager

Reflections on modern structuring solutions for modern families and the next generations.

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Trust Quarterly Review: Out of Step

The state of New Zealand’s succession law and the need for modernisation.

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Our latest webinar:

There has been a significant move away from the traditional nuclear model for family arrangements over the last half century. In the Cross-Border Estates Special Interest Group's 2022 Spotlight Session the way the law in different jurisdictions treats cohabitation, adoption, legitimacy, and gender issues within estates and the impact of human rights legislation in this area was explored. Experts from various jurisdictions discussed how law-makers and lawyers have been grappling with these issues, and the extent to which there is consistency across borders in cross border estate planning and administration.

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Report: Meeting the needs of modern families

Modern families can often be complicated families, with equally complex needs. Our report highlights the need for advisors and legislators to adapt and modernise in order to keep up with the needs of today’s families.

Insight Panel

Insight panel: Modern families

A panel of practitioners explore how different jurisdictions define a child and what challenges (if any) these definitions pose for today’s modern family.

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