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STEP Journal: When is a child not a child?

Sandra Duerden and Grace Cummings examine the legal implications of properly defining children as beneficiaries in wills and trust deeds, with an emphasis on Guernsey.

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Scotland: New law increases urgency for separated spouses to remake will, says Law Society of Scotland

The succession provisions in the Trusts and Succession (Scotland) Act 2024 come into force on 30 April 2024. The provisions create a new issue for separated couples where a person dies leaving a surviving spouse or civil partner but no children, says the Law Society of Scotland.

Source:  Law Society of Scotland, Scottish parliament (text of Bill), Official Gazette (guide to Act)

STEP Journal: The parent trap

Andrew Powell provides an introduction to sperm donation and the law in the UK

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Modern families and gender identity: Gender identity in estate planning

Gender identity has become a particularly complex subject with differing views and legislative stand points across society and multiple jurisdictions. The webinar examines the cultural, generational and legal divides on the gender topic that are causing issues for the private client industry in practice. The webinar focussed on existing gender legislation across multiple jurisdictions. The panel discussed the ambiguities and uncertainties that arise in relation to estate planning and gender identity and provide some practical guidance on how to deal with this complex area.

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Modern families

Understanding polyamorous relationships and their judicial recognition, by Adam Black

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Blended families

Fiona Higgott and Nasima Ansary outline how to prevent and combat challenges to wills for modern families in England and Wales.

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