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Welcome to STEP’s Responsible Wealth Stewardship Hub, where we have pulled together news, features and resources to provoke thought and raise awareness of the opportunities available to wealth owners to be guided by stewardship principles and values.

STEP Journal: Responsible investment and Shari'a investing

Dan Jolliffe stresses the differences between Shari’a-compliant and environmental, social and governance investing.

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SINGAPORE: Philanthropy tax incentive scheme planned for family offices

A tax incentive scheme is to be introduced for qualifying donors with family offices operating in Singapore, offering donors 100 per cent tax deduction, capped at 40 per cent of the donor's statutory income, for overseas donations made through qualifying local intermediaries. Donors must have a fund under the s.13O or 13U schemes, which provide a tax exemption on ‘specified income’ derived from ‘designated investments’. They must also meet eligibility conditions such as incremental business spending of SGD200,000. Source: Internal Revenue Authority of Singapore Singapore Ministry of Finance

Source: Internal Revenue Authority of Singapore, Singapore Ministry of Finance

STEP Journal: Responsible investing for UK charities

Dan Jolliffe asks when will responsible investing become the norm?

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Web event replay: Applying circular economy principles to family business and wealth stewardship

An increasing number of wealth- and business-owning families are embracing sustainability as a growing area of focus. But much of the dialogue on sustainability relates to areas external to the family and the governance of family and business interests. Climate change and other environmental issues, the need and benefit of considering the social and economic interests of all stakeholders in decision making come into conversations and actions around sustainability. But not enough thought is being given by families and their advisors to the sustainability of the family itself, both as a family, and in relation to the family’s wealth and business interests.


Regenerative crypto

Ross Belhomme TEP describes the maturing of the crypto-asset space.

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