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Welcome to STEP’s Responsible Wealth Stewardship Hub, where we have pulled together news, features and resources to provoke thought and raise awareness of the opportunities available to wealth owners to be guided by stewardship principles and values.   


England and Wales: Educational charities are no longer constrained in their policy conclusions

The Charity Commission for England and Wales (the Charity Commission) has retracted a regulatory alert it issued in 2018. The alert warned social research charities or 'think tanks' not to promote specific policies unless the Charity Commission regarded them as beneficial, uncontroversial and not seeking to change government policy.

Source: Charity Commission, Third Sector, Civil Society, Charity Commission (December 2018)

STEP Journal: The ends of the earth

Hannah Connors assesses the future of responsible stewardship of rural land in the UK.

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Switzerland: Zurich eases tax exemption rules for foundations

The Swiss canton of Zurich has relaxed its practice on the tax exemption for charitable institutions, and now allows 'reasonable remuneration' for foundation board members. It also now explicitly permits foundations to fund activities abroad and entrepreneurial support or impact investment models.

Source: Lenz & Staehelin

"Talkin’ ‘bout my generation" Balancing the interests of rising & current generations of wealth owning families

Through a multi-generational lens, this panel session examined how advisors can balance the interests of rising and current generations to help fortify families in their journeys as responsible wealth stewards.

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End, means, manner, confusion

On New Zealand’s approach to charities and advocacy in light of a recent Court of Appeal decision.

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