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What are family offices investing in?

30 October 2020

Richard Joynt reflects on how the prolonged period of economic turbulence has affected the portfolio allocations of family offices as they try to preserve and grow their family’s wealth

International banking: practical tips on setting up an account in another jurisdiction

2 October 2020

As a CEO of an international private bank, I find that clients and practitioners will spend a great deal of time and effort in selecting the right offshore jurisdiction for them. They must take into account the jurisdiction’s legal framework and regulations and assess whether it meets their individual requirements in areas such as asset protection, privacy, and strength of regulator.

How do I gather financial information as an executor, attorney or deputy without being able to conduct my usual investigations?

1 June 2020

The Law Society Gazette, published by the Law Society of England and Wales, recently reported applications for grants of probate had fallen by 50 per cent since the beginning of UK lockdown. Initially this seems counter-intuitive, given that the BBC reported a spike in mortality at the beginning of April 2020. A casual review of social media channels would indicate that many private client practitioners are busier than ever.

An exemption clause protecting trustees can leave the trust vulnerable to claims

25 November 2019

The Trustee Act 2000 imposed a statutory duty on trustees with any unintentional breach of trust, leaving trustees vulnerable to personal and potentially unlimited liability: an uncomfortable reality for anyone taking on this unpaid voluntary role. Castleacre Director Hugo Johnsen examines the impact of exemption clauses on trustees, beneficiaries and trusts.

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