Topics in focus

STEP has identified key cross-cutting topic areas which represent the big issues that our profession faces, both now and in the future, and which keenly act in both the global public’s and society’s interest. To keep our Members and practitioners abreast of these highly important and topical areas of debate and flux, we have curated hubs of relevant content to keep you up to date and for your ongoing professional development.

Read 30 Years of Trusts

A special edition of the Trust Quarterly Review (TQR) on 30 years of trusts, kindly sponsored by IQ-EQ. This looks back on how far the trust and estate industry has come since 1991 and details major developments in trust law in jurisdictions around the world.

Read special edition

Mental Capacity Hub

Explore STEP’s Mental Capacity Hub, where we have pulled together news, features and resources to help you and your clients navigate through issues of capacity.

Modern Families Hub

What does today’s family look like, and what are the main trends and impacts for practitioners advising them?

Digital Assets Hub

News, features and resources to keep you up to date with the latest digital assets developments.

Responsible Wealth Stewardship Hub

News, features and resources to provoke thought and raise awareness of the opportunities available to wealth owners to be guided by stewardship principles and values.

Thought Leadership and Research

Periodically commissioned reports on subjects of interest to our membership sharing insights on important professional issues and addressing societal concerns.

Public Policy

STEP contributes to the public policy debate on trust and estate issues through active engagement with policymakers.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups facilitate professional development and networking in focused practice areas to include business families, digital assets, mental capacity and philanthropy

Raising public awareness: how you can get involved

We are working hard to raise public awareness of STEP and TEPs, but there is a lot you can do to raise awareness at a local, national or an international level: just a few simple actions can make a huge difference.

Find out how to help us to spread the word.