Mrs Cecile Civiale Vuillier

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'TEP' status denotes full membership of STEP and is the top level of STEP membership. TEPs are fully qualified practitioners with proven qualifications and experience. They can use the letters 'TEP' after their name. TEPs must adhere to STEP's Code of Professional Conduct.

Telephone: +33 6 85 21 13 47
Practice Areas: Charity formation/administration, Civil-law planning (incl foundations), Company formation/management, Compliance/regulation, Cross-border estates, Elderly and vulnerable clients, Estate planning/administration, Family business, Family office, Philanthropy, Trust planning/administration, Wills and probate
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Estate Planner / Financial Planner / Trustee/Fiduciary / Judge / Trust Officer / Wealth Management / Client Relations/Marketing/Sales / Compliance Officer/Manager / Corporate Administrator / HR
STEP Qualifications:
STEP Certificate in International Trust Management, STEP Diploma in International Trust Management
Cone Marshall Ltd
STEP Geneva
Geneva Branch Committee
Special Interest Groups:
Business Families | International Client | Philanthropy Advisors

Confident, assertive and results-orientated, Cécile has enjoyed a long and extensive career working with small and large trust companies alike in a career, which has spanned more than 15 years. During that time, she earned her stripes working for companies across the globe; earning a solid reputation for her work on international trust & foundation administration and corporate services.
Prior to joining Generations Cornerstone in Geneva, she previously worked in the United Kingdom and France before relocating to Switzerland heading up a trust company.
Cécile is a member of several significant professional bodies, including The International Tax Planning Association and the Association of International Business Lawyers. Her in-depth business knowledge and constant up-to-date industry understanding lends itself well in her role as Co-Chairwoman of the STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) Swiss and Liechtenstein Federation.
Cécile took her degree in trade and commerce, before pursuing her studies further to gain qualifications in company law and practice, international trust management, trust administration and accounts, and trust creation.
On a personal level, Cécile has the unique ability to build positive individual relationships with her clients, relationships she has nurtured and maintained for years.
It is her uncompromising integrity, business acumen and hands-on operational approach which make her such a valuable member of the Cone Marshall Group.

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