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Mr Ian Worland TEP LLB, Full Member i

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Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers
1300 - 777 Dunsmuir Street
PO Box 10444
V7Y 1K2

T: +1 604 6311220

Estate Planner / Lawyer/Solicitor/Attorney / Tax Advisor
Practice Area:
Company formation/management, Contentious trusts and estates, Cross-border estates, Estate planning/administration, Family business, Tax, Trust planning/administration, Wills and probate
STEP Vancouver
STEP Canada Past Chairs Committee

Ian advises clients in personal and corporate tax planning, corporate reorganizations, estate planning, charitable gift planning and international tax and trust planning. This work also includes advising clients on tax issues arising in connection with the acquisition or sale of a business, divorce, separation, variations of trusts and wills, and flow-through share financings. Ian also represents clients in disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Provincial Revenue (B.C.) and has appeared on behalf of clients in courts of all levels, including the Tax Court of Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada.