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GPO Box 1593

Telephone: +61 8 8212 7233
Practice Areas: Elderly and vulnerable clients, Estate planning/administration, Trust planning/administration, Wills and probate
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Genders & Partners
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Rod Genders practises law in Adelaide, South Australia. He was admitted in 1986.
He is a barrister, a solicitor and a notary public.
Rod’s law firm is Genders & Partners, which is one of the oldest law firms in Australia - established in 1848. It is a boutique specialist law firm, which specialises in the areas of Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning and Administration.
Rod is the 3rd generation of Genders in the law and has been practising specialised law since the mid 80’s. He has acted as counsel or consultant to in excess of 50 other firms around Australia.
He holds the SA state record for the highest ever personal injury award of damages, and he has been involved in several of the largest personal injury claims in Australian legal history.
For over 10 years he served on the Council of the Law Society of South Australia and is a senior member of its Probate Committee. He is a member of STEP (the London-based international Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners) and he serves on the local committee of that organisation. Rod is the Chair of the international STEP Digital Assets Working Group.
For over 20 years he has chaired a private committee enquiring into the affairs of protected persons.
Throughout his career, he has helped hundreds of ordinary Australian families.
Rod specialises in Estate Planning, which includes creation and advice upon Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, Testamentary Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, Superannuation Trusts, Estate Administration and Probate.
Rod is the senior legal consultant to ESTATEPLANNER.

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