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Szepvölgyi str. 6. I. Floor
Petõfi Sándor u. 11. IV/18
1023 Budapest Hungary
1052 Budapest

Email: amenyhei@aliantlaw.com
Telephone: +36 1 318-1546
Website: www.aliantlaw.com
Practice Areas: Charity formation/administration, Civil-law planning (incl foundations), Company formation/management, Compliance/regulation, Contentious trusts and estates, Cross-border estates, Dispute resolution, Elderly and vulnerable clients, Estate planning/administration, Family business, Family office, Insurance, Investment, Rural family, business and agriculture, Tax, Trust planning/administration, Wills and probate
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Estate Planner / Lawyer/Solicitor/Attorney / Tax Advisor / Trustee/Fiduciary / Will Writer
Aliant-Menyhei Law Firm
STEP Hungary
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Dr. Ákos Menyhei, LL.M., TEP is the head of the Aliant, LLP practice in Hungary, managing partner of Aliant-Menyhei Law Firm . Dr. Menyhei specializes in Tax and Estate Planning and is highly experienced in establishing structures in a variety of jurisdictions and combining the features of double taxation agreements between different countries to provide an optimal tax result. Dr. Menyhei received his Law degree from the Eötvös Loránd University of Science Faculty of Law, and his Master of Law degree in International Tax Law from the Wirtschafts Universität Wien (University of Economics of Vienna). He has been practicing law since 1995 and was admitted to the Budapest Bar Association as an attorney in 1997. Dr. Menyhei has extensive experience in Corporate and Commercial law including Mergers & Acquisitions and is skilled at forming Private investment structures, umbrella funds, multi-manager funds and others based on the needs of clients. As a tax, inheritance, and estate law expert, he regularly establishes, co-ordinates and administers estate planning and asset protection structures that minimize tax obligations and eliminates conflict and negative consequences that may arise in inheritance disputes. He has helped many clients including: venture capital starts-ups, privately held corporations and high net-worth individuals protect their assets. Dr. Menyhei and Aliant Hungary is in close cooperation with Primus Trust Corporation as he is one of the board members of Primus Trust Corp. Dr. Menyhei is the chairman of STEP Hungary. He is the author (and co-author) of several acclaimed industry books and publications including: Limits to Tax Planning, Linde Verlag, 2013; The Trust, HVG-ORAC 2014; Business Law in Hungary, Patrocinium, 2016, Introduction the Trust in Hungary and the International Practice (HVG-Orac 2017).  Menyhei was recently named one of the top 100 attorneys in Hungary, and the leading expert in Trusts and Estates in the country. - See more at: http://www.aliantlaw.com/attorneys/view/kos-menyhei#sthash.gTjhUSZO.dpuf

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