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Corso Italia 22
Martina Franca

Telephone: +39 380 4123 803
Practice Areas: Company formation/management, Contentious trusts and estates, Cross-border estates, Investment, Wills and probate
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De Tullio Law Firm
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Contentious Trusts and Estates | Cross-Border Estates

Since the beginning of my professional experience I have always had a strong interest in the fields of International and European Law. I started my career working in Italy in a notary’s office where I could focus on the issue of real estate law with a special attention for cross border cases.

I further developed such interest when I specialized in EU law at Universitè Libre de Bruxelles and as research fellow in Lecce University.

I particularly focused my studying on the Brussels Convention on Jurisdiction and on the Rome Convention Applicable to Contractual Obligation.

The professional experience gained throughout the years proved to be essential for the success of my private practice founded in year 2000, and soon becoming a leading law firm in southern Italy in the fields of property and inheritance law.

We have managed a considerable number of cases in the real estate field exposing us to foreign jurisdictions such us the Australian, American, British and Canadian ones. We have been representing interests of international clients who have chosen to sell or purchase Italian properties, both for residential and business purposes. 

We provide a comprehensive range of services throughout the whole conveyancing process, from the drafting of a tailored preliminary contract, passing throughout the required due diligence and up to the final deed of sale before a Notary Public.

We have also been offering our expertise to law firms based in different jurisdictions (such as Canada or England), managing international disputes concerning real estate properties.

As a result of the experience gained throughout the years, our Law Firm is listed on the websites of the British and American embassies, and myself, Giandomenico De Tullio, managing partner of De Tullio Law Firm, I am member of STEP (the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

Please contact us for a FREE preliminary consultation if you would like to discuss your case or browse our webiste if you would like further information about our services.

Call free from the UK – 0800 012 6545

Call free from the USA and Canada – 1-855-688-5546

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