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Mr Kevin Burke TEP JD, Full Member i

Fully qualified practitioner with either more than 5 years’ industry experience or a STEP Diploma qualification and more than 2 years’ industry experience. Depicted by the TEP designation

American Attorney Services
Kevin Burke
Yeowood Farm
Iwood Lane
BS40 5NU
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1934 837280

Estate Planner / Lawyer/Solicitor/Attorney / Tax Advisor / Notary / Will Writer
Practice Area:
Company formation/management, Contentious trusts and estates, Cross-border estates, Estate planning/administration, Tax, Trust planning/administration, Wills and probate
STEP Qualifications:
STEP Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation
STEP Bristol

I am an American attorney (licensed in Florida in 1994 and Ohio in 1992), as well as a Florida International Notary (2004) and English Notary Public (2008). I am a former English Solicitor (1999 -2010). My firm Kevin Michael Burke, Attorney & Notary, in the provision of U.S. legal services trades as "American Attorney Services". I represent residents of the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland in relation to Florida matters such as Florida property purchases, US estate planning (addressing the use of revocable living trusts under the Finance Act 2006), Florida probates and ancillary probate issues, transnational litigation, and international family law issues. In my capacity as an English notary public I assist clients in the preparation of English wills, lasting powers of attorney, and English probates, especially where there are international elements to be addressed.